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UEFA Conference League FQR Information

The Lakesiders will discover their European fate today, as the UEFA Conference League First Qualifying Round draw takes place at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland.

The draw is set to take place today (Tuesday 18th of June) and can be watched live on UEFA's website from 3pm BST.

The Town have been placed into Group 5 as an unseeded team for the draw, meaning we will only be drawn against one of the following teams:



Paide Linnameeskond (ESTONIA)

FK Liepaja (LATVIA)

Derry City FC (IRELAND)

The procedure for the draw is as follows:

(extract from UEFA website)

'All the clubs in each of the five groups are randomly assigned a number: 1 to 5 for the seeded teams and 6 to 10 for the unseeded teams.

Three bowls are prepared for the draw, with the balls containing the numbers for the seeded and unseeded teams for Groups 1–5 placed in the correspondingly marked bowls.

One ball is taken from each of these bowls and placed in the third empty central bowl, where they are shuffled. The teams represented by the first number then drawn from this bowl are considered

the home team of the first pairing of all five groups, and they will play against the teams indicated by the number of the ball drawn second from this bowl.

For example, if the first ball drawn contains the number 2 and the second the number 8, the clubs that have been assigned the numbers 2 and 8 in each of the five groups will play each other. The first ball drawn, here containing the number 2, designates the home team for the first leg in all five ties.

The process is then repeated with the remaining balls to complete all the ties'

For the full draw procedure, head to this link - DRAW PROCEDURE


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