player sponsorship

Player Sponsorship is on a first come first served basis. First team players £75.00 and at the end of the season, you will receive their match-worn shirt (home or away). Your Company/Name will also be included on any social media post that involves your individual player, inside our matchday programmes, and on our website.


Higher bids or offers will be accepted. Once the money has been paid, the sponsorship is sold and no further offers will be accepted.

To sponsor a Player, please email either Arwel on or Nigel on

Players Sponsored For 2021/22 Season

Alex Ramsay - Accounts & Tax Advice LTD

Harri Lloyd - Ado Vogt & Gee Levy

Sean Smith - Gwyn & Jackie

Jonny Spittle - Taft's & Agger's

Anthony Stephens - 

Nathan Peate - Chris Burrows, George Jones, Lee Parry & Foxy

Calum Woods - 

Ollie Southern - 

Antony Kay - Accounts & Tax Advice LTD

Kieran Smith - Stuart Venables

Lassana Mendes - Accounts & Tax Advice LTD

Steven Leslie - 

Dave Edwards - Barry Yates

Will Evans - John & Sion Roberts

Paul Rutherford - Chris Burrows, George Jones, Lee Parry & Foxy

Danny Walker-Rice - 

Chris Sang - 

Chris Venables - Peter Spitzmaul

Oliver Shannon - Alan Lee / True You FC

Colin Caton - Ado Vogt & Gee Levy

Stephen Fisher - Ado Vogt & Gee Levy

Ryan Valentine - Ado Vogt & Gee Levy

Ffiona Evans - Gwyn & Jackie

Nick Jones - Ado Vogt & Gee Levy