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Statement - UECL Ticket Sales

The following statement regards the ticket sales for our UECL 1QR First Leg tie against Sligo Rovers.

First and foremost, we would like to apologise to all supporters who have had issues purchasing tickets for our UECL 1QR First Leg tie. We understand your frustrations, however we would like to make everyone aware, this ticketing system is NOT managed by Bala Town, therefore we have no power over the management of the system.

We urge any supporters who have experienced issues regarding already purchased tickets, to contact 'Ticketpass' through their Customer Support on their website at

We would also like to extend our apologies to those who had issues accessing the email which included the unique code, this is an error on our behalf as we were unaware of the time delay which would be implemented when sending the email out.

Currently, all AWAY tickets are sold out after the sale this evening.

Due to a number of away supporters managing to retrieve the unique code for the home tickets, we have been forced to stop all sales for the rest of the evening. If away supporters are found to have purchased a home ticket, their ticket will be invalid and you will not be granted entry to the stadium.

The club will issue an update across our social media platforms as to when more tickets will be made available.


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